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Z dniem 1 lipca 2024 r. nastąpiło przekształcenie działalności gospodarczej prowadzonej przez Adama Bielińskiego pod firmą Dakro Regeneracja Adam Bieliński (NIP 7122926558) w spółkę BIMOT spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością z siedzibą w Lublinie.

Injector remanufacturing

Naprawa wtryskiwaczy -
for full diesel engine performance

The injector regeneration service at Turbodiesel24 is aimed at owners of diesel vehicles who want to restore the full performance of their engine. Regardless of the make or model of the vehicle, our specialized team of employees performs a comprehensive analysis of the injectors, identifying any problems or damage.

Signs and effects of defective injectors in diesel engines

Signs of defective injectors are similar to those noticed in high-pressure pumps (injection pumps), these include:


Uneven engine operation

Defective injectors can cause unstable engine operation. This can manifest as uneven engine idling, vibration or irregular rotation. The engine may also jerk while driving, loss of power and difficulty accelerating are also noticeable. In extreme situations, the vehicle may stall.


Difficulty in starting

Defective injectors can make it difficult to start the engine. The engine may spin for a long time and require multiple starting attempts before it kicks in, requiring multiple attempts, which in turn affects other components in the car, such as the starter or at least the battery.


Decrease in power

Defective injectors can lead to a loss of engine power, resulting in a decrease in the maximum speed the car can reach or noticeable difficulty going up hills.


Increased fuel consumption

The engine may burn more fuel than usual, especially at low speeds.


White smoke from the exhaust system

Defective injectors can cause improper fuel injection, leading to incomplete combustion. This can result in white smoke from the exhaust system, generally noticeable when the vehicle is started. A distinctive exhaust odor is then also noticeable.


High temperature in the combustion chamber

Excessive chamber temperature can permanently damage the engine, such as "burning a hole in the piston" and damaging the turbocharger.


Engine stalling at idle

The engine controller cannot get the right fuel parameters. This results in the engine going into emergency mode or stalling.

Is it worth remanufacturing injectors?

Remanufacturing injectors is a much more favorable option for diesel vehicle owners than buying new ones, due to the lower costs involved. We specialize in the remanufacturing of injectors. Turbodiesel24 employees are able to restore the injectors to their full performance. The remanufacturing process includes repair or replacement of damaged parts, cleaning, performance testing. As a result, remanufactured injectors can perform as well as new ones. We subject the replaced parts to tests, the results of which we provide together in the guarantee. This allows you to be sure that a particular remanufacturing was completed successfully.

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The cost of injector remanufacturing

The price of injector remanufacturing depends mainly on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the type of injector itself and the extent of its damage. The earlier we report the failure, the lower the cost of remanufacturing can be. Keep in mind that signs of faulty injectors cannot be ignored - their malfunction affects many other components in the car, as well as the engine itself.

Injector remanufacturing
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