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DPF FAP Particulate Filter

DPF FAP Particulate Filter Remanufacturing

The DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, is an exhaust system component used in diesel vehicles. Its main task is to reduce particulate emissions from the car's exhaust. The DPF effectively traps and collects particulates, which reduces their release into the atmosphere. It is important to keep DPF filters in good condition. It helps protect the environment, ensures compliance with emissions regulations, improves engine performance and can save money in the long term.

Causes of DPF FAP filter failures

DPF filter failures in cars can have various causes.

The following are some of the most common causes of their failure:


Particulate matter accumulation

The DPF is used to trap and collect particulate matter from the exhaust system - these particles can accumulate inside the filter, over time causing clogging and restricting airflow.


Using the wrong fuel

Certain types of fuel, especially low-quality fuel, can contribute to a faster accumulation of particulate matter in the DPF. Using low-quality fuel can shorten the life of the filter and lead to filter failure.


Sensor problems

The DPF uses sensors to monitor its performance and air flow. Damaged or malfunctioning sensors can lead to incorrect information about the status of the filter.


Short routes or driving in urban conditions

The DPF regenerates primarily by increasing the temperature of the exhaust gas. If the car is mainly used for short routes or in urban conditions where there is not enough prolonged driving on the open road, the filters may be more prone to failure.


Mechanical damage

The DPF can be damaged by contact with an obstacle on the road, such as by impact or shock. Mechanical damage can lead to cracks or other problems that affect the function of the filter.

Is it worth remanufacturing the DPF FAP filter?

Remanufacturing the DPF FAP filter in cars is much more cost-effective than buying a new one - so if the current damage to the filter allows it to really work, it is worth using the services of professionals.

Professional service

Specialized equipment

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Przekrój zregenerowanego filtra DPF FAP.
Przekrój regenerowanego filtra DPF.

Results and consequences of a faulty particulate filter

Malfunctioning of the filter, involves considerable risk and damage to further parts or components in your car.

What are the results and consequences of a faulty particulate filter?


Decrease in engine performance

A DPF FAP filter that malfunctions or is blocked can restrict exhaust gas flow, leading to a decrease in engine performance.


Increased fuel consumption

When a DPF FAP filter does not function properly, it can lead to suboptimal fuel combustion. This can result in increased fuel consumption, as the engine will need more fuel to maintain the required performance.


Increased pollutant emissions

The DPF FAP filter is designed to trap and reduce particulate emissions from the exhaust system. When the filter does not work properly, there may be more emissions of these particles, which negatively affects the environment and air quality.


Emergency mode activation

In some cases, when the DPF FAP filter malfunctions, the vehicle's control system may activate the emergency mode. This mode limits engine power and vehicle speed to protect against further damage.



Operating a car with an obstructed diesel particulate filter significantly raises the temperature through exhaust backflow and, in long-term use, causes damage to the turbocharger and injectors.

DPF filter remanufacturing in Lublin

It is worth remembering that each case of DPF FAP filter failure may have its own individual causes. If you are experiencing problems with the filter, contact us. At Turbodiesel24, we will perform diagnostics and determine the specific causes of failure.

It is important to choose a professional filter remanufacturing company. If the remanufacturing is not done properly, the filters may be subject to further and even more serious damage.

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