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Regeneratie van Common Rail-brandstofpompen

Professional services to restore full efficiency

Turbodiesel24 specializes in the comprehensive remanufacturing of injection pumps, providing high-quality repair and renewal services for these key components of the injection system. Thanks to our experience and high-tech machines, we can effectively restore the efficiency of the pumps, resulting in optimal performance and economical use of the vehicle.

Signs of a defective injection pump

A defective injection pump can exhibit various symptoms that may indicate problems in its operation.

Here are some common signs of a defective component:


Decrease in engine performance

A defective injection pump can lead to a decrease in engine performance. This can manifest as loss of power, difficulty accelerating, jolting or unstable engine running.


Engine starting problem

A defective injection pump can make it difficult to start the engine. The engine may require multiple attempts to start or may not start at all.


Increased fuel consumption

A defective pump can lead to excessive fuel consumption.


Fuel leaks

Damage to seals or other pump components can lead to fuel leaks. Visible traces of fuel around the injection pump or the smell of fuel may be a sign of a defective pump.

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Causes of injection (high pressure) pump malfunctions

The reasons for high-pressure pump malfunctions can be diverse.

Here are some common causes of high-pressure pump problems:


Mechanical wear

Pumps are subject to intense mechanical action, which can lead to natural wear. Internal parts, such as seals or the pumping section, can wear out with time and use.


Fuel contamination

The presence of contaminants such as sand, metal filings or chemical impurities in fuel can adversely affect the performance of high-pressure pumps. Dirt particles can get stuck in fuel lines or damage mechanical components, causing the component to malfunction.


Electrical malfunctions

Malfunctions in the electrical system, such as surges, short circuits, damage to wires or connectors, can lead to malfunction of high-pressure pumps. Improper voltage or control signals can interfere with pump operation and cause damage.


Lack of seals

Seals in pumps can become worn or damaged - this can affect pump performance and lead to serious fuel leakage.

It is worth noting that the above causes are general factors that can contribute to high-pressure pump failures.

The specific cause of failure may vary depending on the model, make and operating conditions of the vehicle.

Regeneracja pomp Common Rail - dla długotrwałej niezawodności i oszczędności

Naprawa pomp w Turbodiesel24 to a guarantee of long-term reliability and cost savings for our customers. Regardless of the model or make of the vehicle, our qualified employees carefully analyze every detail of the injection pumps, identifying and removing any defects and worn components.

Professionele service

Gespecialiseerde apparatuur

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Regeneracja CR (pomp wysokiego ciśnienia)
in Lublin

Remanufacturing of injection pumps (high pressure pumps) in Lublin. If you are looking for professional injection and common rail pump remanufacturing services, you are in the right place. Turbodiesel24 is recognized and trusted by customers thanks to our high standard of service and excellent quality of the services performed. We guarantee that after our remanufacturing, your pumps will regain full efficiency, providing optimal performance for your vehicle.

Contact us to learn more about our pump remanufacturing services and to schedule a professional service. We offer competitive prices and quick completion time to ensure your comprehensive service and satisfaction at the highest level.

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